Kelly, and her team love the connections that one can make when learning about their own family history.  Uncovering something new, connecting the dots, and looking at things, one person or place at a time is what drives them forward.  The goal in starting Anchored Genealogy was to reinvent how we present family history and genealogical research.  While every project is rooted in traditional research techniques and processes, there is emphasis on delivering an end product that really brings your ancestors to life.

Every project that our team takes on is looked at uniquely to determine the best end product that will provide a permanent legacy for your family to enjoy. The services we offer depend on the client and their goals.  All of our work is customized, every step of the way.

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From: Sea Ranch, California

Lives in: Columbus, Montana

Alma Mater: Colorado State, Santa Rosa Junior College, and Fresno-Pacific University

Guilty pleasure: Fresh flowers, breakfast, and solving a genealogy mystery

Pet peeve: Misspelling, bad elevator behavior, getting gas, and ancestors without a last name

Biggest Stress: Waking up late

All my favorites:

Any body of water - pool, lake, river, ocean

Black and White

Winter & Late Summer

Santana Roses & Lily Flowered Tulips

Lemon Meringue Pie

Horse Races